Audi and BMW continue to comittment for GT300.


Audi team hitotsuyama racing announce 2015 program.

Last year Hitotsuyama Racing gets new partner-ship with Audi Japan. And 2 leading drivers. But they are suffer unexplained trouble. So only 1 podium and finish 14th/GT300.
In 2015, Hitotsuyama Racing tries strengthen the structure. It is new partner-ship with Blancpain GT champion and longtime Audi team, WRT(W-Racing Team). WRT’s engineers coming all of SUPER GT 2015 races. And Pierre Arnaud become Team Director of Hitotsuyama.
Driver lineup is no changes. Former SuperGT and Formula Nippon champ, Richard Lyons and Tomonobu Fujii.

Team Release


BMW Sports Trophy Team Studie unveil 2015 machine lively.

BMW Japan and Studie partner-ship for 2015 season. Last year they fight for championship, but Ironically same Z4 GT3 user GSR Hatsune-Miku gets champion. GSR Hatsune-Miku decide change machine from BMW to Mercedes.
So BMW is to be focused on the Team Studie than ever.
Seiji Ara and BMW factory driver Jorg Muller continue ride Team Studie.

Team Studie homepage 


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