Lotus Evora and GT86 first track debut for SuperGT.

2 new cars done shakedown.

Dome made GT300 mother-chassis introduce this year. So 4 team will introduce that mother-chassis.
In such, Team TSUCHIYA and Cars Tokai are appeared on the Fuji speedway today.

86 evora

Team TSUCHIYA is former GT500 team, they comeback to SUPER GT since 2008. Takeshi Tsuchiya and Gazoo Racing driver Takamitsu Matsui drive Toyota 86-MC.

01 (1) 01

Longtime GT300 competitor Cars Tokai, famous racing car designer Takuya Yura made Lotus Evora body.Very ingenious design has attracted attention.

Both cars prepare for the official test.

Photo from Autosportweb




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