Leimer canceled the contact for SuperFormula due to money issue.


Former GP2 champ and WEC driver Fabio Leimer leave from Team Mugen.
Mugen and Leimer contacted for Super Formula 2015 season. But Leimer wasn’t possible to fulfill the contract terms.   Team release

Swiss media Sport Auto.ch report and posted his comment.
Contract with Mugen for Super Formula is resolved

Leimer’s comment: “Of course I am extremely disappointed. We started the project Japan after finding a representative in Japan. We signaled him from the start that the complete required budget would have to come through him. Regrettably his promises and the trust we put in him were not justified, again we had to learn the lesson of almost not being able to trust anyone in a very painful way.n We are currently working on solutions for the current season that can be financed by our own doings. I wish Team Mugen lots of success and apologize for all the trouble we have caused through this.”




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