Lotterer ended top of Super Formula suzuka testing

First official testing has done of Super Formula 2015 season.

Suzuka test which was held after the Suzuka Motorsports Fan Festa.
・Test Info
In opening round of Suzuka,Regulation of the fuel flow rate has been determined to 95kg / h. By the way, last year was 100kg / h. Although difficult to more time up than last year, but it became more fuel-good unit.
・Driver Info
19 drivers joins this 2days testing. TEAM Mugen is one-car entry for this test, due to cancelled contract with Fabio Leimer. They are continue working for lineup 2car.  And J.P.Oliveira missed this testing due to after surgery of finger. So IMPUL’s SUPER GT driver Hironobu Yasuda replaced him.
2014 champion Kazuki Nakajima missed Day2 due to joins Toyota Racing’s LMP1 testing schedule.
Rookie driver Kamui Kobayashi (KYGNUS SUNOCO Team LeMans), Bertrand Baguette (Nakajima Racing), William Buller (Kondo Racing) contests first full official testing.


Day1’s condition was Dry morning, Wet afternoon.
2013 champion Naoki Yamamoto top start of first day. But Lotterer and Kazuki Nakajima both TOM’s driver lined wet afternoon session.

Day2’s morning session start on wet condition, But road condition began to dry from there. Hiroaki Ishiura (P.MU /CERUMO・INGING) marks 1:38.117. Afternoon session is all dry condition, but so cold weather, only 7℃ road temperature. Meanwhile Andre Lotterer ended top sheet with scrub tire. But most of the drivers could not be the last qualifying simulation with new set tires, due to Yasuda’s crash out at Dunlop corner.

Top of rookie driver is former F1 driver Kamui Kobayashi.

The difference between the Toyota and Honda performance last year was present almost gone.
Next test will at Okayama international circuit. TOM’s guys will missed, due to WEC official testing.

Photo from SuperFormula official, AutosportWeb

Combine result of Day1 and Day2

Po. No. Driver Team Best Time
1 2 Andre Lotterer Petronas Team TOM’s
Dallara SF14-Toyota
2 16 Naoki Yamamoto Team Mugen
Dallara SF14-Honda
3 41 Narain Karthikeyan Docomo Dandelion
Dallara SF14-Honda
4 20 Andrea Cardarelli Lenovo Team IMPUL
Dallara SF14-Toyota
5 10 Koudai Tsukakoshi Real Racing
Dallara SF14-Honda
6 38 Hiroaki Ishiura P.MU/Cermo・Inging
Dallara SF14-Toyota
7 8 Kamui Kobayashi Kygnus Sunoco Team LeMans
Dallara SF14-Toyota
8 11 Takuya Izawa Real Racing
Dallara SF14-Honda
9 7 Ryo Hirakawa Kygnus Sunoco Team LeMans
Dallara SF14-Toyota
10 64 Daisuke Nakajima Nakajima Racing
Dallara SF14-Honda
11 65 Bertrand Baguette Nakajima Racing
Dallara SF14-Honda
12 3 James Rossiter Kondo Racing
Dallara SF14-Toyota
13 40 Tomoki Nojiri Docomo Dandelion
Dallara SF14-Honda
14 34 Takashi Kogure Drago Corse
Dallara SF14-Honda
15 18 Yuichi Nakayama KCMG
Dallara SF14-Toyota
16 19 Hironobu Yasuda Lenovo Team IMPUL
Dallara SF14-Toyota
17 4 William Buller Kondo Racing
Dallara SF14-Toyota
18 39 Yuji Kunimoto P.MU/Cermo・Inging
Dallara SF14-Toyota
19 1 Kazuki Nakajima
(Only Day1)
Petronas Team TOM’s
Dallara SF14-Toyota


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