Fukuzumi and Cassidy impressive at Japanese F3 Suzuka test.


Second time Japanese F3 testing in 2015 season held at Suzuka.

13 cars entry this testing. Lucas Ordonez miss due to joins SUPER GT Okayama tire testing. And some Japanese rumor says, Toda Racing’s 2nd car ready for 2015 season, but trouble has occurred in the contract with the former GP3 driver.


Day1 of Suzuka, Nick Cassidy (Petronas Team TOM’s) set top time on his first time run Suzuka. Nirei Fukuzumi (HFDP Racing) same rookie driver was 2nd position.

In Day2, Honda’s next expect driver Fukuzumi beats Cassicy. Fukuzumi sets fastest time of during the testing. Kenta Yamashita (Petronas Team TOM’s) 3rd, Tsubasa Takahashi (HFDP Racing) 4th. Mitsunori Takaboshi (B-MAX NDDP) return to car, but Takaboshi had struggled.

Young British Struan Moore(KCMG) adapt step by step for the first time of the circuit.

Final pre season test will held Okayama international circuit.

Photo and result follow Japanese F3 official site




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