Kobayashi says, ”Now I’m studying about SuperFormula”


Former F1 podium experienced, but Super Formula rookie driver Kamui Kobayashi’s comment after first official testing.

Kobayashi tested Super Formula last winter, but it was ”rookie and manufacturer testing”  so many difference between official testing. In rookie testing, can use tire warmer. And only participates rookie and engine test driver.
So this testing is first time full official testing for him.
01 (1)
Day1, Kobayashi tries push but spun and into the tire barrier at Degner2. And finished 15th.
Dat2, began to adapt on SF14 and Bridgestone tire. So Kobayashi finished 7th position on the 2days testing.

Kobayashi’s comment:

” I was tested SF14 Okayama las year, but Okayama hasn’t high speed corner. So Suzuka testing is important to test in high speed corner’s performance”
Compared with the F1 and SF14, lower engine power. But has more tire grip and certainly fast in the corner.
I’m worried about the use of the tire. Because in F1, use tire warmer and many sensor. But in Super Formula we canon’t use tire warmer and temperature sensor. So we must manage sensory myself.
in addition, I will race to race  for the first time in ten years in Japan (In Formula Toyota. Incidentally Kazuki Nakajima gets champion).  I studying now about circuit, race format, race strategy,Individuality of other drivers. Next testing(Okayama) is final chance, before preseason testing. So  I plan to seriously study final testing”.

photo and comment from Autosportweb



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