Entrylist published of Super Formula Okayama testing.

Entry list open for final preseason testing of Super Formula.

・Driver info
Test held in Okayama since last year’s rookie and manufacturers test, but It will be the first run at SF14 is for regular drivers. 18cars joins this testing. Because both TOM’s driver Andre Lotterer and Kazuki Nakajima joins WEC prologue. However, TOM’s decide one-car entry with stands in another driver. And Lenovo Team IMPUL lined JP.Oliveira. But he still under rehabilitation. If JP can’t drives, Hironobu Yasuda replaces him same at Suzuka testing.

3/27 09:20~11:20 Session 1
14:00~16:00 Session 2
3/28  09:00~11:00 Session 3
11:00~11:20 Circuit Safari
12:40~13:00 Pit walk
13:30~15:30 Session 4




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