TOM’S and Direction top finish final pre testing.

inal pre season testing is done.

・Team Info
All 15 GT500 team enter this testing.  In GT300, 18 team line up. #51 LM Corsa BMW and #9 Pacific Mclaren are first time testing this year for them.

・GT500 aero
All GT500 team tests MY15 Fuji aero (Low downforce aero) first time.
01 (2)01 (1)

In Morning session, #39 ZENT CERMO(Hiroaki Ishiura) and #6 ENEOS LeMans (Kazuya Oshima) crashed at 1st corner. And #8 ARTA (Tomoki Nojiri) big crash at Coca-Cola corner. So ARTA didn’t joins Day2.
In afternoon session, #12 Calsonic IMPUL (JP.Oliveira) return to drive and score top time day1 after broken finger.
GT300, #31 apr Prius (Yuichi Nakayama) KCMG Super Formula driver sets fastest.

#37 KeePer TOM’s (Ryo Hirakawa) who is rookie driver in GT500 beats last year’s record time. And #39 ZENT CERMO(Hiraoaki Ishiura) and #6 ENEOS LeMans(Kazuya Oshima) followed TOM’s, So Lexus dominate this testing.
GT300, Direction 458 (Naoki Yokomizo) impressive top time. In SuperGT, 458 GT3 is very precious existence. Direction gets Michelotto and Kessel racing’s support. So it will strong performance this season.

01 (3)

Combine 2days results

Photo from AutosportWeb



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