Kimiya Sato joins JLOC for SuperGT.

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Kimiya Sato began new program.

JLOC( Japanese Lamborghini owners club) is long time Lamborghini user in SuperGT GT300 class. #88 Money Partner sponsored team announces 2015 lineup.
Former GT300 champion Manabu Orido remain, Former Honda protage driver Kazuki Hiramine joins. In addition, Former AutoGP champ and GP2 driver Kimiya Sato named 3rd driver.
Sato is former NDDP (Nissan Driver Development Program) driver. But he part from NDDP, and goes to Europe. So Sato will race in Japan for the first time in five years.
Orido and Hiramine full season nominates. Sato will drive long distance race, Fuji 500km and Suzuka 1000km.

And JLOC will introduce the all new Huracan GT3 at mid season.

Photo and news from AutosportWeb



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