Toyota Racing: Nakajima aim to get champ! Kobayashi joins test driver.


2 Japanese driver will be Toyota’s vitality.

2014 Super Formula champ, Kazuki Nakajima gets full season contests for WEC this season with Anthony Davidson and Sébastien Buemi.
Kazuki continues combine job both WEC and Super Formula this season.

Kazuki Nakajima’s Comment:
“It’s great to be racing in WEC for the complete season for the first time; I missed the team spirit and the competition when I’ve been watching some races on TV these last few years. So I can’t wait to get started at Silverstone. It will be fun to drive with Anthony and Sébastien this year, although it doesn’t feel like we have separate car crews as such; we are one big team with the same targets. This year, like last, we are all aiming for the top and I hope to keep hold of the #1 plate; it looks nice on the car. So far the updated car feels good so I am feeling confident, but there is still plenty of work to do so we are prepared in the best possible way.”


And another Japanese add Toyota Racing. Former F1 and this year Super Formula driver Kamui Kobayashi names as test driver. Kobayashi and TMG after a long time of work since 2009 F1.
Kobayashi’s first priority is Super Formula this season.

Kamui Kobayashi’s Comment:
“It’s great to be back with Toyota and I am grateful to the team for giving me this chance. I know many of the team members from my time with Toyota in Formula 1 so this feels like I am coming home. I have already tested the TS040 Hybrid and it is impressive; the hybrid technology is really advanced. It’s another important year for the team so I am looking forward to building a strong working relationship with everyone and contributing to the development of the car.”

Great year for Toyota last year gets World Title. They continue development for 2015 season.
TS040 HYBRID 2015 spec is 80% new cars than 2014 spec. Not changes 60MJ energy use, but more evolution for super capacitor.

Photo and comment from Toyota Global Newsroom



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