Yamashita and Fukuzumi shining on Okayama testing.

2PQX3248 (1)
apanese driver shows the shine.

Japanese F3 final pre season testing held at Okayama. In the same schedule with Super Formula.
Ordonez and Takaboshi both B-MAX NDDP driver first time run together in pre season test.
Total 4 hour to test schedule 2Days.

Kenta Yamasita (Petronas Team TOM’s) sets fastest through 2 days. Yamashita had struggled test so far, but showed a firm force. Super rookie Nirei Fukuzimi (HFDP Racing) is 2nd. Nissan protage, Mitsunori Takaboshi (B-MAX NDDP) is 3rd. So Japanese driver dominate Okayama testing.
3 foreign rookie drivers 4,5,6 position.

But Struan Moore shows strong pace at Okayama.

Ryo Ogawa (KeePer TOM’s) dominate F3 N-class.

Results and report from Japanese F3 official site




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