Okayama testing topic: Matsuda in TOM’s, Kobayashi’s new helmet.

Some interesting news at Okayama testing

01 (1)01
Big surprise things Tsugio Matsuda joins Petronas Team TOM’s for Okayama testing. Both TOM’s driver participates WEC Prologue. So TOM’s need another test driver.
Then TOM’s catch up former and now biggest rival in SuperGT/SuperFormula(Formula Nippon) Tsugio Matsuda.
As you know Matsuda is long time NISMO factory driver and 2-time Formula Nippon champ. So it is precious and dream collaboration.
In Day1, Matsuda step by step learning of SF14 and TOM’s. But Day2, Matsuda shows his capability end 10th combined 2days session. TOM’s main engineer Tsutomu Tojo praise Matsuda’s job.
Matsuda contests SuperGT GT500 with NISMO as defending champion and LeMans 24hours with GT-R LM.
CBI3WypUcAAdByA01 (2)
Super Formula rookie Kamui Kobayashi bring in all new helmet lively.
Fresh impression of his new lively. Like a Sebastian Vettel’s one? 🙂 And Kobayashi publish paint work of the helmet in the video.

01 (3)
2010 series champ JP.Oliveira comeback to ride SF14 at Okayama.
JP fractured the left hand off season. Surgery is successful, and participated in the test of the SuperGT Fuji test. But still have a bolt in his hand. So JP didn’t drive Day2 afternoon this Super Formula test.
SuperGT opening round will come next week, Difficult opening for JP, but he will pull off.

Photo from AutopsportWeb and Kamui Kobayashi Twitter




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