SuperGT Okayama pre race topics

SuperGT’s new season coming!!

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・Marko Asmer miss opening round
Ex F1 test and Ex Japanese F3 driver Marko Asmer had planned return to Japanese racing this year. But suddenly, Team announce Asmer miss this race due to various reasons.So Hurriedly call another driver. Ex SuperGT and Formula Nippon driver Yuji Ide joins TEAM UP GARAGE with BANDOH alongside Yuhki Nakayama. Ide return to SuperGT since 2013.

・What constitution of Drago Corse/ Drago Modulo Honda Racing
Long time Honda lead team Dome withdrew from GT500. But new team #15 Drago Modulo Honda Racing replace to Dome. Drago is Ex GT500 driver Ryo Michigami launched new team. Drago Corse debut last year Super Formula Rd.6 SUGO. But strictly speaking, different contents Drago and Drago Corse.
Drago Corse (Super Formula team) with SERVUS (ARTA GT500 and GT300 operation)
Drago Modulo Honda Racing (SuperGT) with ATJ (Honda’s stock car test and development company)
Big new project for ATJ. Because Most the mechanic so young. Only 2 veteran mechanic.
Drago Modulo lines Takashi Kogure and Mclaren development driver oliver Turvey.

・Almost works lively for Hitotsuyama Racing
Among Hitotsuyama Racing and Audi Japan continue partnership. In addition, new collaboration with W Racing team.
But not change driver Tomonobu and Lyons.

・FIA-F4 Japan begin
All new Japanese feeder series FIA-F4 Japan start from this weekend.
Please check my translated entrylist.  32 cars lineup for FIA-F4 Japan opening round.

Photo from AutosportWeb and KCMG Facebook.


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