FIA-F4 Japan Okayama:Makino dominate all news series.

New series new driver.

32 cars/driver enter all new Japanese entry formula series opener. But some car has trouble. So 28 cars contests main race.

Toyota support and last year F4FC driver Sho Tsuboi (FTRS Scholarship) is first ever pole-sitter.
Tsuoi takes hall shot enter top into 1st corner. 2014 S-FJ champ Tadasuke Makino junp up 6th to 2nd at 1lap.
In lap3, 3car crash out at 6-7 corner. So SC development.
After restart, top 4 car shows great battle.  In lap11, Makino dive inside and pass Tsuboi.
And Makino manages gap from Tsuboi. So Makino wins first race.
2nd is Tsuboi. 3rd is Yuki Hiraki (GSR HatsuneMiku) 4th is Nicolas Costa (VSR Lamborghini).

2nd race under wet condition. So race directer select SC lead start.
Start form lap3. Some driver struggle wet condition.
But race1 winner Makino great run position up 5th to 2nd in one lap. And Shinnosuke Yamada (B-MAX) into top, however spun out. So Makino take lead. And Makino shows strong pace at wet condition, he extending the lead 10 second from 2nd.
Finally Makino takes double wins season opener.
2nd is same driver of race1 Sho Tsuboi. 3rd is Honda support driver Hiroki Otsu (HFDP).
4th is Formula Masters China champ James Munro (KCMG).

Next race is Fuji.

Photo from FIA-F4 Japan



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