Do you know how to pit work on Super Formula?

it stop is so important for Formula race.

Super Formula 2015 season will start this weekend at legendary Suzuka circuit.
This time I introduce inside of Super Formula! Vol.1 is pit stop-work.

F1 allow over 10 pit crew. In addition, Three crew to one of the tire! In Indycar, 6 crew in pit lane, 1 crew out side pit lane.
But Super Formula allow 6 crew.

In Super Formula’s regulation, Allow 6 crew and 1 crew must handle fire fighting. So other 5 crew do Jack-up/down, Tire change, Fuel, Lollipop man.
If need full service (4 tire change, fuel), It is necessary to do all with a small number of people.
First check this video. Pit stop work from onboard of Koudai Tsukakoshi(hp Real Racing).

3 crew do tire change. 3 of 2 crew do jack-up and down. 1 crew jumping SF14’s nose! We called it ”Ninja” or ”Dynamic pit stop”. It is used in Super Formula/ Formula Nippon long time.
Success of pit crew will affect the performance of the race. I want you to pay attention to the pits!



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