Japanese F3 kick off at Suzuka!

Young guns and gentleman ready for season opener.

Last year, amazing season for Japanese F3. 3 manufacturer protage driver fight for title.
Finally, Honda protage Nobuharu Matsushita (HFDP Racing) gets tilte. And Matsushita step-up to GP2 with ART GP this year.

Entry list Rd.1 and Rd.2 
In 2015, continue great lineup.
・TOM’s(Toyota works team) lines 2014 JF3 2nd Kenta Yamashita and , 2014 Macau GP 3rd Nick Cassidy.
Ryo Ogawa (Toyota Gr.C driver Hitoshi Ogawa’s son) joins for N-Class.
・ HFDP Racing (operation by Real Racing) lines Tsubasa Takahashi and 2014 Japanese F4 FC champ Nirei Fukuzumi.
・B-MAX Racing (Nissan support team. but Toyota engine user)
2014 JF3 3rd Mitsunori Takaboshi and Nissan LMP1 driver Lucas Ordonez.
・Toda Racing (Create a engine myself) appointment Keishi Ishikawa.

Non manufacturer relationship team
・KCMG (operation by B-Max Racing) appointment young British Struan Moore.
・Hanashima Racing/ KRC Hanashima/ EXEDY Racing
Hanashima Racing field 3 cars for  N-Class. Only women driver Ai Miura continue JF3 season with EXEDY Racing.
・FSC Motorsport is new team from France. Guillaume Cunnington rides.

Japanese F3′ live stream at official page (no sound).




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