New season coming for Super Formula 2015!

New story begin this weekend.

Last year big things for Super Formula. New chassis Dallara SF14 and NRE 2.0ℓ turbo (Nippon Race Engine) introduce.
SF14 and NRE shows amazing performance. Andre Lotterer says, Faster corning speed than F1!
NRE include fuel flow restrictor.This system is more accurate than F1’s one. Because Even once did not occur is a problem.


Entry list
・Ex F1 driver Kamui Kobayashi joins Super Formula with Team LeMans. Alongside Super GT GT500 winner Ryo Hirakawa. Ryo is 21 old year. But his 3rd season of Super Formula.
・Strongest team TOM’s continue WEC driver Kazuki Nakajima and Andre Lotterer.
・Kondo Racing gets 2nd car entry since 2008. Young British William Buller joins Kondo. His top formula debut. Alongside same British James Rossiter.
・TEAM Mugen plan 2 car entry with Fabio Leimer. But due to money contract issue Mugen decide one car entry for opening round. But they still negotiation 2nd car.
・Lenovo Team IMPUL is fascinating lineup. Long time IMPUL ace JP.Oliveira and Andrea Caldarelli. Cardarelli was racing Formula Nippon 2011 with Kondo. And last year take part 2 race. In that 2 race, Cardarelli takes 1-pole and 1-podium.
・Drago Corse (Ex GT500 Ryo Michigami lunch) challenge first full season entry with long time Nakajima Racing driver Takashi Kogure.
・DOCOMO Dandelion welcome Narain Karthikeyan. In India, Live broadcast to Super Formula.
Last year rookie champ Tomoki Nojiri continue with Dandelion.
・Big change for Nakajima Racing. Long time Nakajima Racing driver Takashi Kogure leave. And Ex Formula Renault 3.5 champ Bertrand Baguette joins. In addition, change Car-No.

Race information
・New fuel flow regulation
In Suzuka and Fuji 95kg/h. Other circuit for 90kg/h. And new OTS (Over take system). From +5kg/h to +10kg/h
・Tire regulation
Reduce new set tire. only 3 new set tire for each race. But carry over 3 used tire.

Race Schedule (JPN time)
4/18 (saturday)
09:50~10:05     Super Formula Practice 1
13:50~14:44     Super Formula Qualify
4/19 (sunday)
09:05~09:35     Super Formula Practice 2
15:00~         Super Formula Race

No Team Driver Engine
1 PETRONAS TEAM TOM’s (JPN) Kazuki Nakajima (JPN) Toyota R14A
2 Andre Lotterer (GER)
3 KONDO RACING (JPN) James Rositter (GBR) Toyota R14A
4 William Buller (GBR)
7 KYGUNAS SUNOCO Team LeMans (JPN) Ryo Hirakawa (JPN) Toyota R14A
8 Kamui Kobayashi (JPN)
1o REAL RACING (JPN) Koudai Tsukakoshi (JPN) Honda HR-414E
11 Takuya Izawa (JPN)
16 TEAM MUGEN (JPN) Naoki Yamamoto (JPN) Honda HR-414
18 KCMG (HKG) Yuichi Nakayama (JPN) Toyota R14A
19 LENOVO TEAM IMPUL (JPN) J.P.Oliveira (BRA) Toyota R14A
20 Andrea Caldarelli (ITA)
34 DRAGO CORSE (JPN) Takashi Kogure (JPN) Honda HR-414E
38 P.MU/CERMO・INGING (JPN) Hiroaki Ishiura (JPN) Toyota R14A
39 Yuji Kunimoto (JPN)
40 DOCOMO TEAM DANDELION (JPN) Tomoki Nojiri (JPN) Toyota R14A
41 Narain Karthikeyan (IND)
64 NAKAJIMA RACING (JPN) Daisuke Nakajima (JPN) Honda HR-414E
65 Bertrand Baguette (BEL)


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