Yokohama tyre is one of option for Super Formula future.

Tyre is important and difficult things for race category.

Japanese Autosport web report latest Super Formula manufacturer test at Fuji.
Most topic is Yokohama tyre test Super Formula spec tyre first time. This tyre test held was carried out in secret. Because no wrapping tyre and Yokohama’s engineer didn’t suit Yokohama’s wear.
Autosport report, SF14+Yokohama tyre scored time 1:25~1:27 at Day2. And in Day1 more faster time scored.
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JRP (Super Formula’s organizer) president Yutaka Shirai previously says ” My ideal is 2 specifications of tire, race drivers, team to manage”. But Bridgestone does not show the motivation. And now Super Formula has only 1spec tyre (very hard compound).  Because BS does not show interest of 2 spec tyre. And this year, BS reduce new set of tyre. It has several meanings. First is prompting more strategic race, 2nd is cost cut.
BS has weakened the involvement for Motorsport. BS withdrew from F1, MotoGP(~2015). In addition, many fan, driver dissatisfaction for BS’s attitude for Super Formula. So it is not strange to be considered new tyre partner.

Some comment of the persons.
JRP president Shirai says this Yokohama testing: ”In order to explore the future potential”
JRP’s person says :”For the future of the series, Yokohama also a one of them have a variety of manufacturers and pipe”.
Yokohama’s person says: ”It is only consistency of research and development. And Nothing has been decided in relation to supply”.

Yokohama deny supply for Super Formula soon. But definitely Yokohama has interesting to supply for Super Formula.
Given the current situation, BS will withdrawal from Super Formula future. And JPR has some option not only Yokohama.


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