One of Japanese legend driver Keiji Matsumoto passed away.

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So sad news.We lost greatness driver.

Keiji Matsumoto was born in Kyoto at 1949.  Keiji started racing carrier from T-1 race 1969.
Then Keiji step up to some series. And arrived Japanese F2000(now Super Formula) at 1976.  Keiji is biggest rival for Kazuyoshi Hoshino and Satoru Nakajima. Finally Keiji takes Japanese F2 at 1979.

Keiji was known to be a symbol of the Cabin (Japan tobacco’s brand) driver.
After the takes F2 title. Keiji became Fuji Grand champion race winner at 1983. And success in prototype racing.
In 1992, Keiji retire from racing. After the racing carrier, Keiji dedicated to training the young driver.

The past few years, Keiji fight against disease. Unfortunately Keiji passed away May 17th.
I offer to Keiji my feelings of condolence. Rest in peace.



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