Super Formula Okayama:pre race topic

Race week is coming!

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Pray for Keiji Matsumoto
JRP has announces, all driver and team wear ”8” on Machine and Helmet.
”8” is famous number for Keiji Matsumoto. He was wearing ”8” with Team LeMans 10 years on his Japanese top formula.
So ”8” is become ace number for Team LeMans. Now Kamui Kobayashi wears ”8”.

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・Kazuya Oshima is back!
Super GT GT500 driver Kazuya Oshima replace Kazuki Nakajima due to big crash at WEC 6h of Spa.
Oshima comeback to Super Formula (Formula Nippon) since 2012. His big chance to drive #1 champion car. And bring special helmet for big one.
・Fukuzumi top on F3 Friday practice
Japanese F3 is support race for Super Formula this weekend.
F3 runners start FP1 friday. Honda protage Nirei Fukuzumi top start race weekend. Yokohama tyre bring new spec compound. So will be interesting race!

Time schedule (JPN time)
09:30~10:30 Super Formula FP1
11:00~11:10    JF3 Qualifying Rd.6
11:20~11:30  JF3 Qualifying Rd.7
13:40~14:34  Super Formula Qualifying
15:30~      JF3 Rd.6 race

09:10~09:40  Super Formula FP2
12:50~      JF3 Rd.7 race
15:00~      Super Formula race



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