Kazuki Nakajima allowed by FIA to take part Le Mans test day!

Kazuki Nakajima comeback to TS040.

2014 Le Mans 24h pole sitter and 2014 Super Formula champ Kazuki Nakajima injured at 6h of Spa last month.
Kazuki missed Spa race weekend and had surgery. From there Kazuki start rehabilitation for return to racing.
But on the safe side, Kazuki was withdrew from Super Formula Rd.2 Okayama last weekend.

So worried to return to TS040. But today Toyota Gazoo Racing announced, FIA allows Kazuki Nakajima can take part to Le Mans 24h official test day. Same Super Formula driver Kamui Kobayashi still stand-by reserve driver for #1 Toyota.

Kazuki Nakajima’s comment: “I want to say a huge thank you to all the medical staff who have helped me return so quickly, not just the staff in Verviers and Nice but also the team doctor Bruno Franceschini and our physio Beppe Sebastiani. Everyone has done so much to help me; I am truly grateful. My passion for Le Mans helped to motivate me even directly after the accident, when it looked unlikely I would be driving at Le Mans this year. I am just so happy that my Le Mans dream for 2015 is still alive and I can’t wait to get back in the car tomorrow at the test.”

photo and comment from Toyota Hybrid racing




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