38 cars enter to Super GT Thailand


Comeback to Thailand

Last year, Super GT visits first time to Thailand. Over 120000 people coming and watch great race in Burrium United International Circuit.

・No big change for GT500 lineup.
Regular 15 cars and 30 driver keep same lineup.
Tsugio Matsuda (NISMO), Lucas Ordonez (Kondo Racing), Oliver Turvey (Drago Modulo) are 2 consecutive weeks of race from LeMans 24h.

・Some change and wildcard for GT300
6 team(Team Mach, Pacific Racing, DIJION racing, LM Corsa, Rn-SPORTS, TOMEI Sport) to miss Thailand round.
But famous Lamborghini tuner, Riter Engineering supported VATTANA Motorsports entry with wildcard.
Local man Chonsawat Asavahame and Tomas Enge drives  Gallardo LP560-4 R-EX.

Katsumasa Chiyo (GAINER) and Marko Asmer (TEAM UPGARAGE) miss due to crash schedule with Blancpain Endurance series. So Ryuichirou Tomita replace to Chiyo, Yuji Ide replace Asmer.
And Christian Mamerow (Racing Tech) crashed at Nurburgring 24h. No big injured, but on the safe side Mamerow take rest this Thailand.





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