Both GT-R dominate SuperGT Thailand

Perfect weekend for Nissan.
#38 ZENT CERMO RC F (Yuji Tachikawa/ Hiroaki Ishiura) takes pole position if GT500 class.
Tachikawa update GT500 class most pole position record. And Ishiura continue good wave after winning Super Formula Okayama.
#25 Vivac Tsuchiya 86MC (Takeshi Tsuchiya/ Takamitsu Matsui) marks first time pole position of GT300 mother chassis based car.

・Race GT500
Very hot condition on Buriram United International Circuit.
In start, #38 ZENT CERMO RC F (Yuji Tachikawa) good start and keep top. But #46 S Road GT-R (Satoshi Motoyama) show good pace and close to Tachikawa.
Some accident at mid group, #64 EPSON NSX (Bertrand Baguette) and #36 PETRONAS TOM’s RC F (James Rossiter) were contact. And Baguette spin out.
So great rival battle between Tachikawa and Motoyama both 3-times SGT champ. Battle continue to end of pit stop.
Then Tachikawa into the pit at 38lap and change to Hiroaki Ishiura. Next lap, Motoyama into the pit and change to Masataka Yanagida. S Road Mola done good pit stop and strategy, lead extend against to ZENT CERMO.
And surprise strategy for TOM’s. James Rossiter into pit and driver change to Daisuke Ito, but no tyre change.
So jump up to 2nd position. But no tyre change cost big risk in very hot Thailand.

And disappointed things for ZENT CERMO (Hiroaki Ishiura). Ishiura has brakes trouble and ZENT CERMO was forced retired. PETRONAS TOM’s (Daisuke Ito) keep fight 2nd position, but so tough no tyre change.
So drop 2nd to 8th final results.
Finally S Road MOLA GT-R (Satoshi Motoyama/ Masataka Yanagida) takes first win 2015 season.
2nd is ENEOS Sustina LeMans RC F (Kazuya Oshima/ Yuji Kunimoto). 3rd is KEIHIN Real NSX (Koudai Tsukakoshi/ Hideki Mutoh).
#37 KeePer TOM’s RC F (Ryo Hirakawa/ Andrea Caldalelli) finish 6th and keep point leader.

・Race GT300
In first lap, #3 B-MAX NDDP GT-R (Kazuki Hoshino/ Mitsunori Takaboshi) passe #25 Vivac Tsuchiya (Takeshi Tsuchiya/ Takamitsu Matsui).
And #10 Gainer Tanax GT-R (Andre Couto/ Ryuichiro Tomita) passed Vivac Tsuchiya some lap.
Hoshino shows consistent fast pace. So difference is spread gradually against 2nd position.
After the pit stop, B-MAX change to rookie driver Takaboshi.
Takaboshi is current Japanese F3 contender. He shows similar pace his veteran team-mate.
#10 Gainer change driver Couto to Ryuichiro Tomita. regular driver Katsumasa Chiyo missed this race due to contests Blancpain GT. So 3rd driver Tomita appointment this race.

Finally B-MAX NDDP GT-R (Kazuki Hoshino/ Mitsunori Takaboshi) control and takes wins.
And first SuperGT wins for rookie Takaboshi. 2nd is Gainer Tanax GT-R (Andre Couto/ Ryuichiro Tomita). 3rd is Studie BMW Z4 (Seiji Ara/ Jorg Muller).

GT-R wins both class. And in issan GT Academy Team RJN takes first win at Blancpain Endurance series.
So perfect weekend for Nissan NISMO.

Official Results


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