Subaru and Mitsubishi still fight in Rally field

Subaru continue supply rallycar.

Subaru was withdrew form WRC 2008. After that, Subaru reduction of rally project.
But they haven’t stop development for Gr.N4 Impreza WRX STI rally car. Although, unlike the previous S2000 and R5 cars became mainstream 2nd category.
In the first place S2000 and R5 cars are pure racing car. On the other hand Gr.N cars is almost stock car.

But Gr.N cars still many cars running in world rally championship. In the history of rally, Gr.N cars has supported rally grass-roots. So Subaru never stop develop and supply Gr.N car.
As a gesture, JRM (one of STI base team) announces new WRX STI based NR4 rally car few days ago.
New WRX STI NR4 development by JRM and STI. Now start big testing for ERC debut.

About of WRX STI NR4

Mitsubishi return for international rally

Recently, Mitsubishi has pulled the hand from Motorsports field. And exit sale of Lancer Evo series this year.
Evo is symbol of Motorsports for Mitsubishi.
Many Motorsports fan disappointment to Mitsubishi recently.

But positive news came in.
Mitsubishi announces new Outlander. And to contests Baja Portalegre 500 this year with new Outlander PHEV based car.
In addition, former Dakar winner Hiroshi Masuoka drive.
This time Mitsubishi contests as Works team.
We hope that to compete with a state-of-the-art technology in the future Dakar.

Press release of Mitsubishi



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