Japanese F3 turns second half of season!

Young guns continue fighting.

2015 season Japanese F3 finished 11 races. Is very close fight is waged in the race so far.
Main contender is 3 drivers.
Toyota protage Kenta Yamashita (PETRONAS TEAM TOM’s), Rookie and 2014 Macau GP podium finisher Nick Cassidy (PETRONAS TEAM TOM’s), Nissan NISMO protage Mitsunori Takaboshi (B-MAX NDDP).
Winner changes race by race. In fact,  Yamashita 4wins, Cassidy 4wins, Takaboshi 3wins.
And point standing is here.
Yamashita 81pts, Cassidy 77pts, Takaboshi 76pts.
So close and exciting standing for title fight. TOM’s shows dominate performance, in addition Yamashita and Cassidy are good friend good rival.
but Takaboshi only compete to TOM’s guys. And Takaboshi ride on a good wave, he wins and podium finish latest Super GT GT300 race with B-MAX NDDP.
Not title contender, but another interesting driver.
Nissan GT academy driver Lucas Ordnez (B-MAX NDDP) debut Formula racing this year. struggle opening few races. But middle of season Lucas fitting to Formula ride and get some podium finish.
After success full 2014 season, difficult season for Honda protage.
Nirei Fukuzumi (HFDP Racing) debut this season. And 1 pole and 1 podium finish. Difficult debut season for Fukuzumi so far, but no problem. Because last years champion Nobuharu Matsushita was same situation his debut season.
Matsushita couldn’t win and takes pole 2013 season.
Ogawa dominate N-Class
Toyota Gr.C driver Hitoshi Ogawa’s son Ryo Ogawa (KeePer TOM’s) dominate 8wins in N-class.
Only female driver Ai Miura is 2nd position.

The rest of the race is 6 race with Super Formula’s support race.
More information and photo follow Japanese F3 official site




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