B-MAX decided additional entries for Japanese F3. And Chiyo contests Fuji.

B-MAX looking for new driver for Macau GP

B-MAX filed 4 cars for Japanese F3 this year. Especially B-MAX NDDP driver Mitsunori Takaboshi fight to title race. And great formula race debut season for GT Academy graduate Lucas Ordnez.
Japanese F3 top team and GT300 contender, B-MAX Racing Team decide additional entries for latest 6 race of Japanese F3. Nissan-Nismo Athlete and former Japanese F3 N-class champ Katsumasa Chiyo return to F3 with B-MAX.

The following is the text of the press release (Excerpt some part)
News of contests Japanese F3

B-MAX RACING TEAM decide new machine to championship class last of 3 event. We continue goog cooperation with NDDP(Nissan Driver Development Program), In order to explore the possibility of Macau GP with new driver for takes wins at Macau GP.
As a first step, We appointment to NDDP driver Katsumasa Chiyo for Rd.12/13 Fuji. But in next Rd 14/15 Motegi, Rd.16/17 SUGO will be take part another great driver.

Comment of Katsumasa Chiyo
”First I was surprised to hear the offer. But Macau GP is one of greatest race for everyone. So great chance for me.
And only one time, I was raced at Macau GP with F3 race. Although there is a one-year blank to race formula car, but it would not be a problem because riding in the test.
We will challenge to race at full power. Cheer Thank you.

Press Release (Japanese)



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