Cassidy and Fukuzumi will debut Super GT test.

Young guns test first time GT car

GTA (Super GT promoter) announces Super GT SUGO testing entry list.
29 cars enter this testing. Some interesting lineup for GT300 teams.

2 Japanese F3 runner Nick Cassidy and Nirei Fukuzumi make debut Super GT testing.
TOM’s driver Cassidy joins Team UPGARAGE with Bandoh MC86. Honda protage Fukuzumi joins ARTA CR-Z.
Cassidy chase title race this season. He has commented in Japanese Autosport magazine ”Super GT and Super Formula is my one of option next step”. So it will be great tesintg.
This season, Mitsunori Takaboshi and Kenta Yamashita are debut GT300 full season. GT300 is understand that it’s important step for young driver.

Entrylist (Japanese)


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