Super Formula turns second half from Motegi!

Crazy hot season coming for Super Formula

Rd.4 Motegi coming this weekend. Always crazy hot condition at August Motegi.So tough race for all driver.
・New spec NRE engine introduce
Toyota and Honda introduce 2nd unit engine for 2nd half of season. Some upgrade and change compared from last engine. Both manufacturer work better drivability and more power.
・Who is favorite Twin Ring Motegi?
From historical data, foreign drivers good at Motegi. Especially Andre Lotterer(Petronas Team TOM’s) wins 6-times and 8 podium in Motegi. Other than that, J.P.Oliveira (Lenovo Team IMPUL) wins 4-times.
Lotterer and Oliveira are strong candidate for this race.
For some Honda drivers Tomoki Nojiri (Docomo Dandelion), Koudai Tsukakoshi (Real Racing) coming home city race.
・Championship race still tight
3 different pole-sitter and winner last 3 races. Hiroaki Ishiura (P.MU Cermo/Inging) shows most stable and great performance with first win at Okayama.But many title contender still hiding the fangs. Kamui Kobayashi (KYGNUS SUNOCO Team LeMans) runs first time Motegi this race. But he will shows good race like a last 3 race.
2013 champion Naoki Yamamoto (TEAM Mugen) good at QF, but not scored win this season. Soon it will time he comes.

Review Rd.3 Fuji race

Digest of 2014 Motegi

・JF3 more exciting
Japanese F3 remaining 2 event Motegi and SUGO both Super Formula’s support race.
B-MAX Racing continue appointment additional entry. 2011 champion Yuhi Sekiguchi joins B-MAX.
And recent point leader Nick Cassidy (Petronas Team TOM’s) sign with Prema Power for FIA F3 remaining 2 race.
It is good for Nick and JF3. Because good benchmark both series performance.



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