Fukuzumi sweeping over Motegi F3 weekend!

Next Honda hope arousal.

Japanese F3 Rd.14/15 held at Twin Ring Motegi support race for Super Formula.
The man shine this round of Motegi. The driver is Honda protege Nirei Fukuzumi (HFDP Racing).
Fukuzumi takes double pole position for Rd.14 and 15 ahead from title contender.
And continue dominate for both race.
Fukuzumi makes good start and no position change. So takes first time F3 win and score double-wins and double fastest time. So perfect grand slam.
No title chance, but shows big presence and talent. Quick remember, former F3 champ Nobuharu Matsushita (HFDP Racing) wins first time at same Motegi last year and takes first title.
・Title contender really close for final race
Main contender Nick Cassidy (Petronas Team TOM’s) and Kenta Yamashita (Petronas Team TOM’s) and Mitsunori Takaboshi (B-MAX NDDP) are 3 guys.
But after the this weekend, title fight will be single combat both TOM’s guys.
In Rd.14, Cassidy gets 2nd Yamashita 3rd. But Rd.15 Cassidy struggle pace and finished 5th, on the other hands Yamashita gets 2nd.
Finally, Cassidy and Yamashita are sets tie points for final round.
It is a simple fight that champion who won many points in the final round.

Official results and report
2015-FIA-F3-08-Suer-2845 (1)11334206_847956705284229_948106975880225984_o
Cassidy contests FIA F3 2 event with Prema Power before JF3 SUGO. It is good chance and rehearsal for final duel.
In addition, top 4 of point ranking driver contests Super GT Suzuka 1000km GT300 class.
Yamashita and Takaboshi are regular driver. In addition, Cassidy with UP Garage Bandoh GT86, Fukuzumi with ARTA CR-Z both makes Super GT debut.




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