Suzuka 1000km coming this weekend!

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Big weekend coming

SuperGT Rd.5 International Suzuka 1000km race.
Traditional long distance race Suzuka 1000km. Every year many happen drama.
・3rd driver nominate
GTA allow 3rd driver for over 500km race. So Many GT300 team and 1 GT500 team appointment 3rd driver for Suzuka 1000km.
Lexus Team SARD appointment former F1 driver Christian Klien alongside Kouhei Hirate and Heikki Kovalainen. All F1 experience lineup (Hirate was Toyota F1 testdriver).

Nissan GT Academy driver Wolfgang Reip rejoins for B-MAX NDDP. Current Japanese F3 point leader Nick Cassidy joins Team UP GARAGE with Bandoh. And same F3 driver Nirei Fukuzumi joins ARTA CR-Z.
Lexus RC F GT3 development driver in Europe Dominik Farnbacher joins LM Corsa.
・For championship
Suzuka 1000km is important race for all team. Because they can gets more point than the normal distance race.
In GT500, over 50kg handy weight, exchange worth of 50kg to fuel restrict.
#6 ENEOS LeMans, #36 Petronas TOM’s, #39 DENSO SARD are has great potential but not good results so far. So strong candidate for this race.
04bSYO_852401 (1)
In GT300, good for JAF-GT machine. Because Suzuka is high speed and technical circuit.
Many GT300 mother chassis guys and strong results in Suzuka #61 R&D Subaru.
But do not forget, defending champion #0 GSR Hatsune Miku is only 12pts so far. They Definitely it will come at a higher level.

Live stream at NISMO TV



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