Kazuki Nakajima big smiles after winning Rd.5!

r001 (1) r005 (1)
Champion is back

In Qualifying session, Hiroaki Ishiura (P.MU/Cermo・Inging) takes 3rd pole position.
Kazuki Nakajima (Petronas Team TOM’s) 2nd, Kamui Kobayashi (KYGNUS SUNOCO Team LeMans) is 3rd. 2nd of point standing J.P. Oliveira (Lenovo Team IMPUL) unexpected 11th.
Qualifying results
In Race, All driver says most important things is ”start”.
Pole sitter Hiroaki Ishiura makes not bad start, but Kazuki Nakajima passed Ishiura.
Kazuki always makes rocket start. And Kamui Kobayashi same passed Ishiura.
Andre Lotterer (Petronas Team TOM’s) didn’t change position 4th. But Lotterer makes jump start. So imposed a drive through penalty lap5.
After bad qualifying, J.P.Oliveira makes good recover 11th to 6th in start.
Kobayashi’s team mate Ryo Hirakawa (KYGNUS SUNOCO Team LeMans) is 4th.
In backward group driver decide early pit stop. Race distance is 54lap. Pit window is seems 8~46 laps.
But Takashi Kogure (Drago Corse) in lap7 only refuel. Another Yuichi Nakayama (KCMG), William Buller (Kondo Racing) , Narain Karthikeyan (Docomo Dandelion) in pit before lap10.
01 (1)r004
In top group, Kazuki Nakajima lead. But Kamui Kobayashi and Hiroaki Ishiura follow.
Top group has been narrowed down to real 3 driver.
2nd position Kobayashi is first moves in the this group. Lap29 Kobayashi into pit and refuel+ 4 tyre change. Kobayashi start lightweight so 20 sec refuel.
In his plan, takes good start and lead race with lightweight machine. But struggle didn’t pass Kazuki.
Naoki Yamamoto (Team Mugen) done great pit finish 14sec with 4tyre change+refuel. Reaction for Yamamoto, 5th position J.P.Oliveira pit 2lap later Yamamoto. Same pit menu. but Yamamoto to be successful undercut to Oliveira.
Ryo Hirakawa keep 4th after pit rear tyre change + refule.
Top 2 driver was stalemate and stickiness to pit until the end.
But a few laps remaining, both driver into pit lap45. Leader Kazuki Nakajima only refuel. On the other hand, Hiroaki Ishiura refuel and surprise front tyre changes.
Back to circuit, Ishiura push with new front tyre. A few laps after the pit stop suffered in the balance, but from balanced been match Ishiura looks faster than Kazuki.
So really close less than 1sec.

Another surprise driver is James Rossiter (Kondo Racing) who done 47lap.
After only refuel Rossiter up to 7th with great race.
01 (3)01 (4)
Finally Kazuki Nakajima hold on 1st from Ishiura’s push.Defending champion Kazuki Nakajima (Petronas Team TOM’s) winning first time 2015 season.
Hiroaki Ishiura (P.MU/Cermo・Inging) is 2nd. It was not a targeted manner, but aggressive race for 3rd Kamui Kobayashi (KYGNUS SUNOCO Team LeMans).
Sept.13th is Kamui’s birthday. So great birthday podium finish!
4th is Ryo Hirakawa (KYGNUS SUNOCO Team LeMans). Team LeMans done good 3-4 finish. J.P.Oliveira (Lenovo Team IMPUL) shows strong race after bad qualifying.
4th of point standing Andre Lotterer (Petronas Team TOM’s) was disappointed 11th.
Naoki Yamamoto (Team Mugen) finish top Honda driver 6th.

After Rd.5 Hiroaki Ishiura keeps ranking leader with 7points lead from Kazuki Nakajima.
J.P.Oliveira is 12 point difference 3rd.
Realistically championship battle has been narrowed down to real 3 driver.
Next race is SUGO round.
Race results



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