Bridgestone finish of 40 years Japanese Top Formula tyre role end of 2015.

Ending one of the era
One of biggest Tyre manufacturer Bridgestone announce today, Withdrew from Super Formula tyre supply end of 2015 season.
Bridgestone and Japanese Top Formula has long time partnership since 1973 Japanese F2000. Since then Bridgestone continue supply to Japanese Top Formula series. In All Japanese F3000, battle with Dunlop and Yokohama. But in Next Formula Nippon Bridgestone appointment one make supplier.
And now Super Formula role.
So 42 years partnership is finished end of this season.

JRP and JRP President Hiroshi Shirai says for Bridgestone
”We say thanks to that had you supply the race tire over the eternal ever, suitable for domestic highest peak, about what we look forward to great deal of your efforts with a high level race in order to visit our customers, and thank to overlap you”.
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Next Tyre supplier is not yet announce. But Yokohama tyre testing for Super Formula specs tyre sometime this year. And JRP president Hiroshi Shirai says Rd.5 Autopolis media meeting. ”We have done a test Yokohama tyre against the possibility of subsequent tire supply next year”.
So Yokohama tyre is the most strongest candidate for 2016 Super Formula new tyre supplier.

Press release of Bridgestone(Japanese)


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