Cassidy dominate SUGO weekend and gets title!

Fast Kiwi become champion

Japanese F3 final round held at SUGO as support race Super Formula.
Championship battle is really close. Kenta Yamashita and Nick Cassidy both Petronas Team TOM’s duo lines same points and number of wins in 2015 season.
But make the difference between Yamashita and Cassidy this weekend.
In Qualifying, Cassidy gets double pole position Rd.16 and Rd.17.On the other hand, Yamashita end 3rd and 4th grid.
Race of Rd.16. Cassidy makes hall shot at 1st corner. Nissan star Lucas Ordonez (B-Max Racing team with NDDP) follow to Cassidy. But Cassidy hold off another driver and takes wins Rd.16.
Ordnez is 2nd. Honda driver Nirei Fukuzumi (HFDP Racing) passed Yamashita and scored podium.

Official results and report 
Next Rd.17 was same story for start. Cassidy makes hall shot and Ordonez follow to Cassidy. But Super GT GT500 Lexus driver Yuhi Sekiguchi (B-MAX Racing) makes good start and side by side with Ordonez. But both cars touch at 1st corner.
So Sekiguchi off the record line and down to position.
Cassidy still shows strong pace and lead the big gap. But battle of 2nd group become exciting between Ordnez, Yamashita , Mitsunori Takaboshi (B-Max Racing team with NDDP). Finally Ordonez gets 2nd Takaboshi is 3rd. But Takaboshi was peceive a penalty due to pass under yellow flag. So Yamashita up to 3rd.
Official results and report
However not effected for Cassidy. Nick Cassidy (Petronas Team TOM’s) makes double pole to wins SUGO Round. And Officially gets 2015 All Japanese F3 champion!
Cassidy is 2nd Oceanian driver become JF3 champion since James Courtney (2003).
Race stream

In addition Team TOM’s dominate 2015 season with all title(C-class title, Team title, Engine makes title, N-class title).

Comment of Nick Cassidy
”Both race, makes great start. It was important things for both races. Especially perfect race for me SUGO weekend. So want a more race. Not decided future plan, but I hope continue Japanese race campaign like a Super Formula and GT500.
However I try to focus Macau GP now.”

Kenta Yamashita finished 2nd position of season results same of last year. Mitsunori Takaboshi is 3rd. For both Japanese driver, become regrettable season.
Newest Honda young hope Nirei Fukuzumi (HFDP Racing) score 2 wins rookie season. Fukuzumi will be great champion contender for next season.
Official point standing after final round
Japanese F3 2015 season ended. But some driver enters Macau GP.
Petronas Team TOM’s continue regular driver Nick Cassidy and Kenta Yamashita. B-Max Racing choose Mitsunori Takaboshi and F3 veteran Yuhi Sekiguchi.
So all driver has experience of Macau. It will be exciting race for Japanese F3 guys.


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