Yokohama tyre becomes official supplier for Super Formula

New era coming

In September, Bridgestone announce withdrew form Super Formula end of 2015 season. Bridgestone and Japanese Top Formula has long time partnership since 1973 Japanese F2000. So 42 years partnership is finished end of this season.
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Today, exciting news coming from Tokyo Motorshow.
Yokohama Tyre announce to decide supply control tyre for Super Formula 2016 season.Yokohama Tyre comeback Japanese Top Formula series since 20 years Formula Nippon 1996 season.
Nostalgic ADVAN lively SF14 display at Yokohama tyre booth. And reveal tyre name ADVAN A005 for slick tyre, ADVAN A006 for wet tyre.

Yokohama tyre President Noji’s comment of this announcement
”High technology is required in the Super Formula. It is possible to improve technical capabilities in many way. And It can diversion of technology to the production tire. In Japan, there are many Automobile manufacturer and Tyre manufacturer. We think have more interest in young people for Cars and Motorsports. We believe obligated to liven up the entire motor sport.”

Press Release of Yokohama tyre



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