Lotterer and Yamamoto takes JAF Suzuka GP pole!

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This is Super Formula’s qualifying

Super Formula 2015 final round of JAF Suzuka GP.
JAF Suzuka GP is 2 race system. So Q1’s results directly decide race 1 grid. And Q3’s results is race 2 grid.
・Q1 20min session
Almost cars into track and use old tyre for first attack. Last 6min, all driver sets new tyre.
Honda man Naoki Yamamoto (Team Mugen) into top, but Hiroaki Ishiura (P.MU/Cermo・inging) and James Rositter (Kondo Racing) coming top with exactly the same time.
Further Andre Lotterer (Petronas TOM’s) beat former time and takes race 1 pole position!
His 2nd pole this season. 2nd is point leader Hiroaki Ishiura, 3rd is James Rositter.
4th is Kamui Kobayashi (KYGNUS SUNOCO Team LeMans). 5th is Title contender Kazuki Nakajima (Petronas Team TOM’s) struggle car balance.

2 Nakajima Racing guys (Daisuke and Baguette), Koudai Tsukakoshi (Real Racing), Andrea Caldarelli (Lenovo Team IMPUL) who crashed FP1, William Buller out of Q1.
Official results Q1

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・Q2 7min session
Andre Lotterer continue fastest and through Q2. Kamui Kobayashi follow 2nd.
Kazuki Nakajima barely through Q2 with 8th position from Takashi Kogure (Drago Corse) hundredth of one second.After the good Q1, James Rositter drop out from Q2.
Image (2)01 (4)
・Q3 7min session
Everyone slow start into circuit. Tomoki Nojiri (Docomo Team Dandelion) first jumped on top. Q1 pole man Lotterer beat Nojiri’s time.
But Honda ace Naoki Yamamoto (Team Mugen) finally into top last attack and gets race 2 pole position! Yamamoto is Rd.1 Suzuka pole sitter, so his 2nd pole at Suzuka. And this pole is last pole of Bridgestone tyre’s pole.
2nd is Lotterer, 3rd is Nojiri. Kazuki Nakajima gets 2nd row.
Hiroaki Ishiura not good attack and finish 7th. Kamui Kobayashi is 5th.
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・Title race will chaos
Check the title contender’s qualifying results
Point leader Hiroaki Ishiura (Race1 2nd gird) (Race2 7th grid)
2nd O/A   Kazuki Nakajima (Race1 5th grid) (Race2 4th gird)
3rd O/A   Andre Lotterer (Race1 1st grid) (Race2 2nd grid)
3rd O/A   J.P.Oliveira (Race 1 7th grid) (Race2 6th grid)

Still Ishiura gets advantage. But tomorrow will be rain fail. So It is impossible to predict.
Official results Q1-Q3


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