CR-Z GT300 retire from SuperGT

Good bye CR-Z

CR-Z GT300 retire from Super GT GT300 class end of this season of 4 years participation.
Team Mugen introduce CR-Z GT300 at mid of 2012 season.
2012 is breakthrough season. Because CR-Z and Prius both HYBRID racing cars debut on Super GT. CR-Z GT300 is powered by Zytech HYBRID and HPD made LMP2 engine.
Hideki Mutoh and Daisuke Nakajima takes ride 2012 season. In Rd.6 Fuji takes first time podium.
16q07 (1)
Next 2013 season, extend 2cars enter of Team Mugen and ARTA.
First wins of CR-Z is Rd.3 Sepang with ARTA (Takashi Kobayashi/Shinichi Takagi).
And 2 successive race victory next Rd.4 SUGO same ARTA.
In addition, finally Team Mugen (Hideki Mutoh/Yuhki Nakayama) gets GT300 series champion only 2 years. CR-Z is first HYBRID racing car become SuperGT champion machine.
But next 2014 season difficult season for CR-Z’s due to new BOP.
So both CR-Z end 10th,11th series ranking.

This year, Team Mugen withdrew from Super GT. And Honda stop development for CR-Z. So ARTA (Servus) independent development.
Although not change the difficult season and BOP, but score wins at Rd.3 Fuji.
This weekend, final race for CR-Z GT300.



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