Current Gen Prius GT300 finish role

Coming new machine?

Last weekend held at Super GT 2015 final round of Motegi.
Honda’s CR-Z GT300 withdrew from Super GT GT300 class. But not only CR-Z, same HYBRID racer Prius GT end of role this season.
Long time GT300 machine constructor apr introduce Prius GT at 2012. It was first time HYBRID racer for Super GT.
And apr is be particular about ”production based HYBRID system”.
So for 4 years, Prius GT continue powered by  production based HYBRID system.  Enigne is former Formula Nippon’s Toyota RV8K (V8 3.5L NA).

In 2012 season Prius GT debut for GT300 class. Next 2013 season, score first time HYBRID wins at Fuji battle with CR-Z.
This year, score 2 wins and finish 3rd of championship with Koki Saga and Yuichi Nakayama.
Image if ZVW40 become GT300(sorry in a sloppy collage)

apr is not profess for the next machine. But they emphasizes ”ZVW30 Prius GT is end”. So they will introduce new ZVW40 Prius based GT300 machine next year.
GTA is not allowed changing the mounting position of the engine from production car. So MR Prius can’t contest next year.
Maybe FR Prius coming??


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