Loic Duval return Super Formula tesintg

French samurai comeback Japan?

JRP announced entrylist of Super Formula engine manufacturer and rookie testing.
This testing is important for team and driver. Because they try first time race specs of new trye supplier Yokohama tyre.
So 2015 all team enter to this testing. And almost 2015 regular driver names lineup.
The members of the non-regular, WEC Audi driver and current Formula E front runner Loic Duval return Super Formula since last year.
Duval share among Ryo Hirakawa with Team LeMans N0.7 car.
In addition, Team Mugen revivals 2-cars enter.
Still TBA for Mugen driver, but Autosport web report Honda ace Naoki Yamamoto driver No.16 car.
And former FIA F3 champion Felix Rosenqvist will drive Team Mugen.His manager Stefan Johansson has former Japanese F2 experience and has a connection of Japanese race.

Stoffel Vandoorne will driver Team Mugen or Docomo Dandelion.
Another TBA for KCMG and Kondo Racing No.4 and both Docomo Dandelion.
More detail clearly soon.
Provisional entrylist of Super Formula engine manufacturer and rookie testing 




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