Cassidy, Stanaway named Super Formula rookie testing.

2 kiwi aim for Japan?

JRP updates Engine manufacturer and rookie testing entrylist.
At first, Honda’s leading Team Mugen expand 2 cars for this testing. And Ace driver Naoki Yamamoto remain No,16 car.
GP2 race winner and Aston Martin GT driver Richie Stanaway joins Team Mugen No,15. Stanaway wins 2time in GP2 2015 season, and he busy schedule. Because Stanaway raced WEC Bahrain and after race Audi LMP1 rookie testing.
Press Release of Theodore Racing

Another Kiwi, Japanese F3 champion Nick Cassidy joins Kondo Racing No,4 car. Cassidy shows great adaptability in this Japanese F3 season.
Difficult weekend for Cassidy last Macau GP, but no doubt of ood talented driver.

Official entrylist (11/23 update)


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