Lotterer ended top first Yokohama tyre testing

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Go for 2016 season

After Day1, continue Day2 of Super Formula Engine Manufacturer and Rookie tesintg.

・Session 3 (3 hours)
Day2 held at only 1 session. Condition is dry, but temperatures remained low.
They energetically run into the track.
Rookie man Stefano Coletti (Docomo Team Dandelion) suffers breaks trouble and off the track 2 times.

Yokohama tyre bringing 5 set slick tyre. Yesterday afternoon was wet condition, so each team and driver use the new tyre actively.
Before the end of the session, almost driver into 1:38.0 stand.
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To the end of the session they plan qualiyfing mode. But Japanese rookie Yuhi Sekiguchi (Lenovo Team IMPUL) off at spoon 1.
And last 10 min of session, his team mate J.P.Oliveira (Lenovo Team IMPUL) crashed out at after spoon corner.

So each driver attack last 4min of session.
2 champion Naoki Yamamoto (Team Mugen) and Andre Lotterer (Petronas Team TOM’s) wage a time trial battle.
Finally Andre Lotterer sets 1:37.695. It is fastest this 2days testing.
Yamamoto is 2nd. 3rd is J.P.Oliveira. 4th is Kamui Kobayashi (KYGNUS SUNOCO Team LeMans).

Top of rookie driver is Yuhi Sekiguchi (Lenovo Team IMPUL) 8th.
His aggressive driving is very popular for Japanese fan. And long-awaited opportunity what Sekiguchi drives top formula.
Nick Cassidy (Kondo Racing) is 2nd rookie fastest man.

01 (9)12249615_10153728423560699_471786853805566262_n
Another kiwi Richie Stanaway (Team Mugen) ended 15th.
Return to Super Formula Loic Duval (KYGNUS SUNOCO Team LeMans) is 17th. Malaysian hope Jazeman Jaafar (Docomo Team Dandelion) is 19th.

Official results after 2days testing


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