Super Formula Suzuka testing topics:Vandoorne, Yokohama Tyre, Theodore Racing.

After testing topics

Many interesting things happen at Super Formula Engine Manufacturer and rookie testing.

・First landing for Stoffel Vandoorne
2015 GP2 champion and Mclaren F1 reserve driver Stoffel Vandoorne done first time Super Formula ride. Vandoorne joins Docomo Team Dandelion.
Here is Vandoorne’s interview of about Super Formula’s feeling

And Vandoorne says about Dallara SF14 Honda ”SF14 is faster than GP2 especially cornering and lot of downforce and more torque. In addition, I think SF14 beats to F1 on the sector1”.


・Yokohama tyre ended first official test
Since 20 years Yokohama enters Japanese top formula official tyre supplier. They were prepared race spec tyre in half a year. So Yokohama focused on reliability.
But Yokohama ADVAN tyre shows great performance at this testing.
Andre Lotterer (Petronas Team TOM’s) sets 1:37.695. It is faster than 2015 final round of JAF Suzuka GP’s pole time(1:37.963).
Of course, not the same condition and difference in the length of the session. Although Yokohama ADVAN slick tyre still same lever for Bridgestone’s one.

But some driver says, not enough about wet tyre.
Top of testing time sheet Andre Lotterer says about first feeling of new Yokohama tyre.

Yokohama will introduce same spec tyre of this testing for 2016 opener. But not been decided to number of tyre sets. And no multiple specs tyre for 2016 season.
Yokohama and JRP thinks introduce multiple specs tyre in the future.

・Theodore Racing coming Super Formula?
GP2 race winner and Aston Martin works driver Richie Stanaway enter Super Formual testing with Team Mugen.Stanaway sets 3rd fastest of rookie driver 15th.
And Stanaway says interesting information about Theodore Racing.
“I competed GP2 with Status GP. To the base of the history of the StatusGP, it has Thedore Racing made by Teddy  Yip. So Status GP and Theodore Racing are collaboratio. And Theodore Racing plan to enter Super Formula for team. I was able to participate in the test as part of the project. I hope to joins Super Formula next year”.
Theodore Racing contests Macau GP with Prema Power recent year. And they start to enter Japanese S-FJ (entry level formula) this year.
It is interesting how they are involved in Super Formula.

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