Man of Super Formula champion Hiroaki Ishiura part1

Worldly-wise man is shine

Hiroaki Ishiura is become 2015 Japanese championship Super Formula champion. Ishiura beats to big name and past rivals.
Honestly He is never famous abroad, so we try to explain about the Ishiura.

Toyota Gazoo Racing©

Ishiura starts Kart race at 19 years old. It is slow start compared to the driver around. And Ishiura was challenged to Toyota Racing School.
That time, Kazuki Nakajima and Kazuya Oshima are main rival for ishiura.
Ishiura shows same time than Nakajima and Oshima. But Ishiura drop out from TDP. Because He is old than other driver.His family is ordinary salaried worker. No big support from family.
So Ishiura try to gets many sponsor himself and enter to Formula Toyota series.

His first Formula race year 2003. Race with now Super Formula competitor Kazuki Nakajima and Kamui Kobayashi.
Nakajima crown 2003 season beat to Kobayashi. Ishiura ended 4th.
Is their career went divided from here. Nakajima step up to Japanese F3. Kobayashi goes to Europe.
Ishiura continue contest Formula Toyota until 2005 season. But didn’t score title.

After the 2005 season, Ishiura spotted hitting the wall. He hasn’t budget to step up to Japanese F3. He was prepared for it to quit the race.
But his father passed one million as a last chance for race career.
Ishiura used this one million to borrowed Engine and chassis and F3 components. Ishiura bringing that patched F3 for  Japanese  F3 official testing at Okayama.
In the test, Ishiura shows amazing performance and set 3rd fastest time.
It becomes a chance, Ishiura becomes Toyota’s TDP driver for 2006 season. And contests Japanese F3 with Now motorsport.

Next season Isihura transfers to Team TOM’s for Japanese F3. And debut for Super GT GT300 with apr racing.
In Japanese F3, Ishiura wins 2times and finish 4th.  On the other hand, debut champion on Super GT GT300 class with F3 champ Kazuya Oshima.

It remains of its momentum, Ishiura step up to Japanese top stage Formula Nippon with Team LeMans and Super GT GT500 with Team Tsuchiya class on 2008 season.

Continue to part2…



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