Man of Super Formula champion Hiroaki Ishiura part2

Worldly-wise man is shine

Continue from part1.
His first Japanese top category is tough season. Ended 16th Formula Nippon, 15th Super GT GT500 class.
2009 season, Ishiura moves from Team Tsuchiya to Team Kraft on Super GT GT500 class.
Ishiura re-team up with Kazuya Oshima. And score first wins at Suzuka 700km.  On Formula Nippon, climb first podium at Rd.3 Motegi.

After that Ishiura continue fight 2 category. In 2011 season, Ishiura moves from Team Kraft to SARD.
For Formula Nippon, Ishiura takes his best ever 2nd podium at SUGO and finish 6th ranking.
2012 season was supposed to be a great season. Ishiura nominated big chance for Toyota WEC driver at LeMans #8 car with Anthony Davidson and Sebastian Buemi. But Ishiura without LeMans lineup due to injured back.
In addition, he lose Formula Nippon seat.
This his Formula career that I seemed to have ended.

In Super GT, become Lexus development testing driver. And nominated to Nurburgring 24h program.
But Ishiura did not give up his Formula career.
While racing in the Super GT, Ishiura had been working to steadily revived Formula. For example testing F3 for fitness. Additionally, Ishiura plan to lunch the new team with Takeshi Tsuchiya (2008 team mate in Super GT, team director in 2011).
It plan didn’t realize. But Its seriousness is transmitted to the people around. And turning point came 2014 season.
2014 season is for big change for Super Formula series. New machine SF14 is coming. In this timing, Cermo/Inging gave an Super Formula offer to Ishiura.
So Ishiura to desire come true return to Top Formula stage.
Cermo/Inging team director Yuji Tachikawa says reason of that offer ”I knows Ishiura is fast driver because have fought in the Super GT. And his development capacity needed 2014 season due to new machine”.
In response to the periphery of the expectations, Ishiura shows great performance, takes podium 2time and contribute 3rd of team standing.

And celebrated was this season.
Ishiura was moved to Team Cermo even Super Formula.
so that, in Super GT Yuji Tachikawa is team mate for Ishiura.On the other hand, team director for Super Formula.
And Kamui Kobayashi contests Super Formual 2015. So Ishiura, Kazuki Nakajima, Kobayashi there were also reunited with past rivals.
Rd.2 Okayama was exactly it was like watching the Formula Toyota.
Ishiura takes first time pole position at Qualifying.
For race, Ishiura read the early part of race. But Kamui Kobayashi (KYGNUS SUNOCO Team LeMans) catch-up to Ishiura after the pit stop.
The end of the race became a two single combat.
Finally Ishiura succeeded in as possible to protect, takes first time Japanese Top Formula wins his 6th season.
Since then Ishiura didn’t ceded the seat of points leader. And takes 2nd wins at Rd.4 Motegi.
And finally in the final round of JAF Suzuka GP. it was not never a best condition, finish 2nd and 4th both races.
Finally Hiroaki Ishiura reached the top spot of Japanese Top Formula, 2015 Super Formula series champion.

In recent years of motor sport is progressing younger. So Verstappen debut F1 this year.And there are many elite that has received a great support of sponsors of Manufacturers.
Ishiura’s career contrasts with their current flow.But Ishiura proved, Even slow start, effort and passion has summoned great result. Ishiura is 34 years old, but continues to evolve.



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