Super Formula silly season part1

It will be a more spectacular series.

Japanese Motorsports Magazine autosport report 2016 silly season update.

Toyota engine user (11 drivers)
2015 champion Hiroaki Ishiura will drive #1 car 2016 season. Disappointment last year for Kunimoto. But he will remain this season.
Former Formula Nippon champion and WEC champion Loic Duval plan to return Japanese Top Formula this year. Last year Duval didn’t race at Japan, but but had testing role at Autopolis Yokohama Tyre and Engine testing.
Loic and Team LeMans continue good partnership, so Loic one of strong candidate for Team LeMans.
Although former F1 driver Kamui Kobayashi will remain.

Team IMPUL will appointed new driver for 2nd seat. Impressive run at last official testing, Yuhi Sekiguchi will gets IMPUL’s seat.
Legendary Kazuyoshi Hoshino favorite Seiguchi’s aggressive style.

Another changes, 2015 Japanese F3 champion Nick Cassidy might step up to Super Formula with Kondo Racing #4.
Honda engine user (8~9 drivers)
Most interesting topic is Mclaren F1 reserve driver Stoffel Vandoorne could contest Super Formula this year.
But not determined which team Vandoorne. Although most possible team is Docomo Team Dandelion.
Honda’s leading team, Team Mugen will return 2 car entry. GP2 race winner Richie Stanaway is main candidate for Team Mugen. But strong candidate do not know yet.

Red:Certainty Blue:Potential candidates Black:Rumor

#1 Hiroaki Ishiura        #2 Yuji Kunimoto

Kondo Racing         (Toyota)
#3 James Rositter         #4 Nick Cassidy/William Buller/L.Duval

Team LeMans         (Toyota)
#7 Ryo Hirakawa/Loic Duval #8 Kamui Kobayashi

Real Racing          (Honda)
#10 Koudai Tsukakoshi    #11 Takuya Izawa

Team Mugen          (Honda)
#15 Richie Stanaway/Stoffel Vandoorne #16 Naoki Yamamoto

KCMG              (Honda)
#18 Yuichi Nakayama

Lenovo Team IMPUL   (Toyota)
#19 J.P.Oliveira          #20 Yuhi Sekiguchi/Andrea Caldarelli

Drago Corse          (Honda)
#34 Takashi Kogure

PETRONAS Team TOM’s (Toyota)
#36 Andre Lotterer       #37 Kazuki Nakajima

Docomo Team Dandelion (Honda)
#40 Tomoki Nojiri       #41 Stoffel Vandoorne/Narain Karthikeyan

Nakajima Racing       (Honda)
#64 Daisuke Nakajima    #65 Bertrand Baguette

More to follow autosport web and autosport magazine



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