Yamashita and F4 chamap Tsuboi lines for TOM’s

F4 champ’s new challenge.
Toyota Gazoo Racing has announces 2016 TDP support plan.
For F3, last year 2nd of point standing Kenta Yamashita stays TOM’s.
And 2015 FIA-F4 Japanese champion Sho Tsuboi step up to F3 with TOM’s.
Kenta Yamashita turns 3rd season of Japanese F3. Yamashita ended 2nd both year (2014,2015). It crucial stage this year.
His latest title rival can step up next category (2014 champ Nobuhatu Matsushita goes GP2, 2015 champ Nick Cassidy step up GT500).
Sho Tsuboi is same age as Yamashita.
Tsuboi shows fantastic performance at last years FIA-F4 Japanese championship. He gets first title for new series and receive scholarship of GTA.
Tsuboi have experienced a four-year Junior Formula. So although the rookie, immediately result is obtained.



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