11 cars run Okayama testing

New cars rush
01 (2)
Manufacturer testing held at Okayama.
7 GT500 cars and 4 GT300 cars contests this testing.
In GT500, many changes lineup of driver. #6 Team LeMans the first running of the new system. Former legendary GT500 driver Juichi Wakisaka first appearance as team director.
Team TOM’s introduce only #37 KeePer lively cars. #37 regular driver is Ryo Hirakawa and James Rositter. But newest #36 driver Nick Cassidy joins #37 for this testing.

Honda teams runs 2016 specs (without hybrid). But they says not work yet adjustment of balance.
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Many GT300 teams bringing new cars. For this testing 2 new GT3 first appearance.
2015 team champion GAINER bringing AMG GT3 with Katsuyuki Hiranaka. #21 Audi Team Hitostuyama use R8 LMS.
0101 (1)
On the other hands, apr has shake down of Prius GT MY16 with new lively like a Gazoo Racing lively. And #18 UP Garage Bandoh continue use mother chassis based GT86.




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