Porsche and Audi bringing strong GT300 effort

More and More competitive

2 German manufacturer support team annnounced 2016 activity.
12764643_993994210689067_1663597433150288426_o01 (4)
Audi Team Hitostuyama unveils 2016 activity plan.
Tomonobu Fujii and former Formula Nippon/ GT500 champion Richard Lyons continue.
Hitostuyama introduce all new R8 LMS. And switch Dunlop from Yokohama tyre.
Another changes, former ARTA GT500 engineer Shinji Sato coming Hitotsuyama.
In addition, continue partnership with WRT.

0101 (2)
Long time Porsche user Excellence Porsche Team KTR has announced.
Changes driver lineup, SGT veteran Naoya Yamano and Porsche factory driver Jorg Bergmeister joins full time.
KTR bringing Porsche’s all new 911 GT3R. This GT3R is #7th car all of 38 lot number.
And Porsche AG decide to dispatch factory engineer for KTR.
KTR has done shake down new GT3R few days ago at Fuji.



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