TOM’s and JLOC ended fastest Okayama testing

A lot of attractive cars
2016 first Super GT official testing held at Okayama international circuit.
42 cars enter this testing both GT500 and GT300.
All team and driver running.  In morning session, tough session for Nissan guys.
#12 Calsonic IMPUL GT-R(J.P.Oliveira), #46 S Road Craftsports MOLA GT-R(Satoshi Motoyama/Katsumasa Chiyo), #24 Forum engineering Kondo Racing GT-R(Daiki Sasaki/Masataka Yanagida) suffers propeller shaft issue. But only Nissan works #1 NISMO(Tsugio Matsuda/Ronie Quintarelli) were able to escape trouble.
On the other hands, smooth day for Lexus guys. #37 KeePer TOM’s RC F(Ryo Hirakawa/James Rossiter) sets fastest time on morning session beats last years pole position.
2nd is same Lexus #8 Wako’s LeMans RC F(Kazuya Oshima/Andrea Caldarelli).

In afternoon session, they try to focus long run performance.
After  propeller shaft issue, #12 IMPUL return to track and sets fastest on afternoon. From 2nd to 6th continue Lexus guys.
Honda guys not coming higher order.
Many new cars for GT300 class. #88 JLOC (Manabu Orido/Kazuki Hiramine/Takayuki Aoki) ended fastest in this class for new Huracan GT3.
Always champion contender #11 Gainer AMG GT3 (Katsuyuki Hiranaka/Bjorn Wirdheim) continue 2nd.
GT3 guys shows impressive speed, but JAF-GT guys advance the development. Especially mother chassis based cars should be noted.
And so interesting of apr lines 2 Prius GT.

Results Day1
Results Day2



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