Preview of Super Formula Okayama testing.

Go for last tesintg

2nd off season testing will start tomorrow in Okayama.
It is last time to testing before opening round.
No changes 19 regular driver, and add Honda #05 Honda test team.
Former Indycar and now GT500 driver Hideki Mutoh replace Nobuharu Matsushita(who contests GP2 testing in Spain) with ADVAN lively Honda test car.
Since 2014’s final round to drive SF14 for Hideki Mutoh.
Team IMPUL shows new lively with new title sponsor ITOCHU ENEX. More photo to follow IMPUL’s hp.
Real Racing bringing new chassis for Koudai Tsukakoshi after huge crash at Suzuka testing. SF14 saves big injure from Tsukakoshi.

Lotterer and Rossiter joked around and bothered their practice.

Interesting and very good article of about Super Formula.

Official entrylist


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