Yamashita tops Japanese F3 Okayama testing.

TOM’s coming top sport
Japanese F3 2016 2nd pre season testing held at Okayama international circuit.
・Some info
Super GT GT500 driver and former F3 runner Daiki Sasaki return to F3 drive. Sasaki says he will contests first 2 round with VW powerd  B-Max NDDP.
TOM’s guys wear new title sponsor ”ZENT”. It is very popular in Super GT GT500 with Cermo.

Early of session, TOM’s guys into 23 second stand. And B-Max guys follow 23 second stand.
But Kenta Yamashita (Team TOM’s) sets new tyre earlier timing than the other and score top time. Other drivers wait to get better condition in end of session.
But anyone beat Yamashita’s time.
Everyone try to race trim. After the 45 min, rain coming in circuit.
Increasing gradually rainfall, so they set wet tyre.
Jan Mardenborough (B-Max NDDP) only time up than Session1. And top of Session2.

Finally Yamashita ended top of time sheet this testing.
Katsumasa Chiyo (B-Max NDDP) is 2nd, 3rd is Jan Mardenborough (B-Max NDDP),  FIA-F4 champion Sho Tsuboi (Team TOM’s) 4th.
Top of Honda protege is Keishi Ishikawa (Toda Racing).
16 years old Youngest Honda protege Sena Sakaguchi (HFDP Racing) is 8th. Sakaguchi was scheduled only for testing, but seems to decided enter F3 debut.
Results and report




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